• Vico Equense

    A simple walk in the city offers numerous and interesting possibilities to discover the treasures of Vico Equense. First of all, the Cathedral, one of the most romantic churches in Italy, with its wonderful terrace overlooking the sea. And then the Antiquarium Silio Italico, which preserves finds from the 7th century BC until the Roman era, the Open Museum Antonio Asturi, which contains about 40 works by the famous Vicano painter, the Mineralogical Museum Campano, home of the prestigious Capo d'Orlando scientific award. And after visiting all the beauties of the city, a stop in the square, to one of the many cafés with outdoor tables, for a good coffee or a handmade ice cream.

  • Sorrento

    Legend has it that its name derives from the Sirens, and that its waters have been sailed by the ship of Ulysses returning to Ithaca. What is certain is that Sorrento truly charms, not only for its indisputable beauty, but also for the holiday atmosphere that you can breathe all year round. The historic centre with shops on the street to show souvenirs share the space with portals and facades of historic buildings. A gem, the Sedil Dominova, the only example in the whole Campania region of the seat of the Medieval nobility.

  • Capri

    The blue island, with its slightly wild charm and its luxuriant nature, is certainly the indispensable excursion for those staying on the coast. A boat trip for a dip in the crystalline sea and to admire the majestic Faraglioni, to enjoy the beauty of the coast dotted by colourful houses, and to rediscover a landscape that is already carved in the imagination of everyone, even those who see Capri for first time.

  • Amalfi Coast

    The Divine Coast is a real treasure chest of jewels. Positano, Ravello, Amalfi are the most famous destinations, but there are so many wonders to discover. Conca dei Marini, with the Emerald Grotto, the fjord of Furore, Praiano with its fiery and romantic sunsets, are the places that have made artists, writers and politicians fall in love, from Wagner to Jackie Kennedy, from Nureyev to Zeffirelli.

  • Pompeii

    It is one of the most famous archaeological sites, it attracts visitors from all over the world, its story and its tragic end have inspired artists, writers and directors. And his fame is not undeserved. A walk through the streets of ancient Pompeii is a unique experience, like entering a world suspended in time. The wonder of Pompeii is not only in its works of art, or in the splendour of the villas and temples, it is in the many testimonies of everyday life, in everyday objects, in the homes of ordinary people, in shops, in taverns. A real journey into the past, an unmissable experience.


Welcome to the Sorrento peninsula.